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Grayton Beach

Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Valuable Lessons

My wife and I packed up Tuesday night and headed to a beach house a few hours from home, our stuff loaded up in the car and bikes secured on the trunk bike rack. I say secured but what I mean is we thought they were secured. I learned two valuable lessons this past Tuesday, don't skimp on a bike rack and make sure you've double and triple checked that you've installed it correctly. We were in such a hurry and it was the first time we had used our bike rack that I didn't place the side straps in the position they needed to be. It was probably not best to try a new bike rack out for the first time on a multi-hour interstate trip...I guess I learned three valuable lessons then.

We were on the interstate for 30 mins and everything seemed to be fine, I had been keeping a constant eye on the bikes to make sure they weren't wobbling. Then not more than a minute later, we drove over a dip in the road. It was enough of a bounce to cause the lower bar to swing closed and caused the bikes to swing down toward the road. I immediately pulled over to the shoulder and inspected the bikes. Thankfully the only damage was that on my wife's new bike (when I say new I mean one day old) the front tire had dragged on the asphalt and burned a hole in the tire and tube. It definitely could've been worse. We reattached the bikes and drove back the 30 mins home, put the bikes inside and headed out again. That was all the excitement we had this trip.

Relaxation After Terror

Though I didn't go camping in Grayton it was still a wonderful trip spent on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It was the week leading up to my brother's wedding, and my family and I spent 5 days in a house 30 ft. from the beginning of the dunes. Being landlocked for the last several years has made me appreciate the time I get on the ocean. Swimming in lakes and springs just don't cut it for me compared to the beach. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I grew up on the white, sugar sand beaches of the Gulf Coast of Florida.

The Emerald Coast

We had family and friends come in from all over to relax for the week leading up to the wedding with us. Our days were spent lounging on the sand and swimming in the crystal clear water. The sunsets are second to none here on the Emerald Coast.

My dad rented some beach cruisers for the house, so at least we got to ride bikes even without ours. We rode through a couple of the quaint towns on 30A. Life moves more slowly in these little beach towns but if you were to ask any resident, they would say that's exactly why they live there.

If you've never had the opportunity to check out the Gulf Coast, I highly recommend a vacation there. If you want the best weather, make sure to check out May or September. It's still plenty warm enough for swimming but not so hot that you feel like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Regardless of when you go, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Remember, Adventure is Calling!

May 10th, 2015