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Sandia Peak

Sandia Peak, NM

Sadly, this is the end of our trip. Thank you New Mexico for an incredible trip. The last trip for us was to the Sandia Peak. Seated atop one of the Sandia Mountain peaks is Sandia Peak, a ski area and restaurant. Apparently, High Finance is the highest full service restaurant in the US. To get up to the peak you take a tramway, the longest aerial tram ride in the US.

We rode our gondola up to the top. Looking out from the windows you could get some incredible views of Albuquerque and the Sandia Mountains. Thankfully, I'm not afraid of heights or else I might have had a rougher trip up to the peak. However, even if you aren't afraid of heights you may still feel woozy if you happen to look through the slits in the air grate on the floor.

Reaching the Sandia Peak

We reached the peak of 10,000 feet, got off the gondola, and almost kissed the ground (kidding). We stopped by High Finance for a drink and sat out on the deck to enjoy the view with the beer. It was an amazing view, we saw mountains littering the landscape. Below, the city of Albuquerque sprawled out before us and all of it looked so tiny.

After finishing up our drinks, we headed out on a trail along the mountain's crest. Everytime we stopped for a picture at a vista point, the views improved. Pushing deeper into the woods we found a spot we particularly liked. It had a panoramic view with the least amount of tree obstruction.

My wife and I sat and enjoyed the peaceful calm at 10,000 feet. The deafening silence provided a wonderful soundtrack to the views we were basking in. It's one of the things I love most about going out into nature. Far away from the bustling of our daily lives, you are able to see what is truly important. The silence you find in the great outdoors relaxes you, if it's been awhile since you last experienced it, get out! Go! Have an adventure!

Remember, Adventure is Calling!

August 23rd, 2015