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Savannah, GA
Getting Away From It All

Sometimes you need to just get away and revitalize yourself. In mid-April, it was time for me and my wife to do just that. We decided a B&B trip to Savannah, GA for the weekend was the perfect getaway. It was a wonderful, relaxing experience in one of my favorite cities. We stayed at the Dresser Palmer House right near Forsyth Park. The weather was gorgeous, only feeling hot when we went hiking in non-shaded parts of Skidaway Island State Park and being cold enough to wear a jacket in the evenings.

Most of our Friday was spent driving up to Savannah. Friday night was spent going to dinner at the Crystal Beer Parlor eating one of the best peach cobblers I've ever had and then going for a long walk around the city to walk off said cobbler. Overall, a pretty chill night.

Tunnel of Trees

Saturday we headed out to the Wormsloe Historic Site (unfortunate name if you ask me) which is the colonial estate of Noble Jones (awesome name). Wormsloe has the most amazing drive, a canopy of live oaks and Spanish moss creating a drive like no other. The drive was incredible and I was able to capture it on the GoPro with time lapse. After driving in, there are some trails you can take, as well as tours of the historic recreations of the village led by rangers. These historic recreations include a blacksmith shop and a small house. Wormsloe was certainly something worth checking out at least once.

After Wormsloe, we made the short drive to Skidaway Island State Park. This state park had a nice trail leading out to a river. On the banks of the river, we stood just enjoying the silence of nature. Such a peaceful moment with the water softly flowing by and lapping up onto the riverbank. Heading back into the city, Saturday evening was spent walking around the city, people watching from a bench in one of the parks, and of course going to the giant candy shop on River Street. We attended the vigil Mass at St. John the Baptist Cathedral as well which is a beautiful church and a definite must see.

19th Century Baseball

Sunday at the B&B we had delicious peaches and cream french toast which I'm still dreaming about. Before leaving Savannah we went to Fort Pulaski, which ended up being the highlight of our trip. This 19th Century fort is on the way to Tybee Island and is a National Monument. You can read the full write-up I did of Fort Pulaski for the sports/outdoor blog website, Sportody, here. However, the gist of the experience was that there were tons of cannons (always a favorite of mine), we played 19th Century baseball (I got a double), and the fort was awesome! Basically, you need to go to Savannah immediately!

Remember, Adventure is Calling!

May 10th, 2016