Sawyer Mini

The Perfect Water Filtration

John McKinney

I’ve seen LifeStraw advertised a number of places over the past few months. This lightweight, compact filtration device seemed amazing to me. I wouldn’t have carry tablets that made your water taste terrible. There was only one problem, it wasn’t convenient to drink with. You would have to either fill up your bottle and sip out the water with the straw or, based on the ad images, you’d have to sip the water out of the stream with the straw. Personally, these both seemed unideal. It wouldn’t do any good for saving water for later. Then I saw an ad for the Sawyer Mini.

Small in Stature, Not in Power

Creating clean, drinkable water while you’re in the backcountry is essential. Water is the heaviest thing you will carry. So, the more water you can clean while on the trails, the less you have to carry.

Some people swear by Lifestraw, I could see its appeal for survival situations where you don’t have a bottle or any container. I have a feeling I’ll purchase one for that purpose since it is so lightweight and small it won’t take up very much room and it’s a good thing to have a backup. Shelter and water are the most important things in a survival situation, so a little insurance is never a bad thing. The Sawyer Mini requires a pouch or some sort of container with a standard bottle cap size. This means it has one more link in the chain that could break down in a survival situation than Lifestraw. Others swear by water filtration tablets. I’ve tried the tablets before and while they are effective, they leave the water tasting…pretty gross.

“Shelter and water are the most important things in a survival situation.”

Easy to Use

To use the Sawyer Mini, simply pull out the provided rollable water pouch, fill it up with water, screw on the Sawyer Mini and squeeze the water into your bottle for later. Another reason to love the Sawyer Mini, it can be attached inline to a Camelbak or other hydration pack. For $20, the Sawyer Mini is a steal.

Stay hydrated, not thirsty my friends.

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