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Who Am I?

This is a story all about yours truly

Welcome to the very first Campfire Story here at Mount McKinney! This is an exciting time for me.

Introducing John, Founder of Mount McKinney LLC

First off we'll get the introductions out of the way, my name is John and I am a web developer. I love creating web sites and would love to be the web developer for your next project. Please check out my Portfolio for more info. If you'd like to discuss a possible project in detail, feel free to shoot me an email.

I grew up on the Panhandle of Florida with some of the world's most beautiful beaches. At a young age, I fell in love with the outdoors. I remember spending hours pretending I was a spy or a soldier with the other boys my age in the woods around our neighborhood. As I got older, my fascination with the outdoors only grew. I bike to work just to get outside more, kayak when I can on the weekends, and take walks on local trails. I'm most at home outside the walls of my house.

What is a Campfire Story?

As for the Campfire Stories, I will be bringing you tales from my time spent in the great outdoors. This could cover anything from backpacking in Denali, road trips to the Smoky Mountains, beach camping on the Gulf of Mexico, or even just a beautiful trail that I take with my lovely wife. I look forward to sharing these adventures with all of you. If you have a suggestion for where my next adventure should be, then I would love to hear your thoughts! Drop me an email or comment on my posts anytime.

My Recommendations

If I am going to purchase something to use in the backcountry, I have to make sure I get the best product for the money. This is what I promise you, that when I give you a recommendation on what fixed blade knife to buy, how to survive a bear attack, or what food to eat on the trail know that it comes after a countless hours of research. You can think of my articles as a summary of opinions. Instead of you taking time to read all about what product, say a sleeping bag, to buy, I have done that for you.

Sound good? Great, I hope you enjoy my articles!

Remember, Adventure is Calling!

February 27, 2015