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Campfire Stories

Welcome to Mount McKinney's world famous Campfire Stories! Do you enjoy ghost stories scary enough to stop your heart? No? No worries, we don't tell those here. Ghost stories should only be told around an actual campfire where we can all enjoy warm, toasty s'mores to provide comfort.

If not ghost stories, what will sorts of stories will be told? How about tales of adventure with hints of comedy and wit? Adventures so intriguing you'll be on the edge of your seat while reading them, and if you're standing, you'll find a chair just to be on the edge of your seat. There may be the occasional tall tale from time to time in there as well, but isn't embelishment what turns a good story into a great one?

From time to time a wandering hiker will drop by to provide a tale from their journeys. Are you an outdoorsy person with a tale to weave for all of us? If so, send us an email, fill out the , or send us a Carrier Pigeon. Bonus points and free s'mores for using that last one.

We hope this all sounds great to you, we're certainly excited! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything good!

Remember friends, adventure is calling, chase after it!