Don’t Miss Your Life

Go On An Adventure!

John McKinney

I invite you to try an exercise with me. Close your eyes and picture a place you’ve always wanted to go. Picture what this place looks like. Is it a majestic mountain, a waterfall crashing upon the rocks below, or a city in some distant land? Next, think of what this place would smell like. Do hints of primrose and pine fill the air? Maybe it’s homemade Italian pasta and a bottle of old wine that saturate your senses. Lastly, what do you hear? Is French music playing? How about birds singing their happy songs as they go about their day? Or maybe the only sound for miles is your footsteps and the wind. Go ahead, close your eyes now, I’ll wait.

Wherever that place you picture is whether it’s the Italian countryside, the American Southwest, Paris, Tokyo, or the Canadian Rockies, there is something I want you to do for me. I want you I want you to go there! Live your life! I want you to take the trip you’ve been dreaming about day in and day out. Experience all this wonderful has to offer and come back and share the experiences with your friends. Inspire them to do the same.

An Observation

Have you ever noticed that every conversation we have seems to be framed by your job? “What do you do?” is a typical breaking the ice question when you first someone. “How’s work?” is often the first question people ask at parties. A life where everything you do or talk about is centered around work is a common occurrence for many. I challenge you to break that cycle. Break out of the monotony of living a work-centric life.

I hope your day already has a large amount of adventure. I hope that it doesn’t consist of you waking up, sitting at a desk constantly checking the clock, sitting in traffic, and finally crawling into bed all to do it over again the next day. I want more for your life than for it to drag on. It’s time for you to get out and experience the great adventure that is life.

I’m not saying you should quit your job and travel the world until you’re flat broke. We all have responsibilities to family and you need to have money in order to travel, please don’t go into debt to travel. However, just because travel is expensive doesn’t mean we can’t still do it. “I wish I had time to travel” or “I wish I could afford traveling” are two common objectives I hear when I ask people why they don’t travel more. Now, you may have a real reason why you don’t have time or money to travel, there certainly are countless. In my experience though, people saying those objections have less responsibility and more money than I do. I believe we find ways to fund and find time for the things we make a true priority in our lives.

What Are Your Objections?

What’s holding you back from getting out there? Do you feel like you can’t get away from the office? I understand that feeling. It’s very common to feel like you can’t leave due to fears of how your clients or colleagues could focus without you there. The truth is, though, they’ll get along just fine without you. I know that can make some people sad or feel unimportant. I don’t mean to get you down. I tell you that to free you from putting so much stock in your job that you forget to ever truly live.

Is money the issue that’s keeping you from traveling? If so, I have a couple recommendations for you. First, set up a dedicated travel savings account. Then, set up automatic transfers to that travel account to occur after you get your paycheck. This will help you feel like that money isn’t even part of your spending money. Next, look at the balance as infrequently as possible. You’ll be amazed at quickly the money accumulates.

Another tip? Cut out things that are less important than traveling to you and then take the money you’ve saved and put it in that account. Go out to eat all the time? Cook more at home, it’s healthier anyway. Drink Starbucks every day? Brew your own coffee or see if you can give it up entirely. Cable is expensive. If you really want to watch TV, the Mohu Leaf is an affordable option for common broadcast channels such as ABC, NBC, and CBS. The other option is to go with streaming instead. More and more Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are providing content on par with or above the cable networks. These streaming services can add up fast though if you’re not careful.

“I believe we find ways to fund and find time for the things we make a true priority in our lives.”

Don’t Regret Your Life

I read an article recently that talked about the top 5 regrets of those who were about to die. 3 of the 5 are especially poignant. “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”, “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”, and “I wish that I had let myself be happier.”. Don’t get to the end of your days and wonder what you did with your life and wish you could’ve lived differently. Live this life out as the grand adventure that it is. There is only one thing in this life that you’ve been given that is never able to be replenished, time. Make the most of your time. Whatever you do, just keep in mind these words of wisdom “We weren’t meant to be born, pay bills, and die.” Get out and live!

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