Sandia Peak

High Above Albuquerque

John McKinney

Our New Mexico trip had reached its zenith. Our last trip before flying out was to Sandia Peak, 10,000 feet above sea level. We boarded a gondola, which is the longest aerial tram ride in the US (random fun fact #1!) and rode it all the way to the top. Here there is a ski resort, obviously not in use in August and a restaurant called High Finance. High Finance is apparently the highest altitude full-service restaurant in the US (random fun fact #2!). High Finance was the perfect place to grab a drink and admire the view. They have a deck that overlooks the valley and Albuquerque below.

There were also a few short hikes around the top of the mountain that provided outstanding views for very little effort. Is it odd that the fact that the trail was effortless made the view less wonderful? After our drinks, we set out on a few of the trails. Few people seemed to venture far from the restaurant area and we had panoramic scenes all to ourselves.

All is calm at 10,000 feet, it feels as though you’re the only one moving save the trees in the wind and the birds in the air. Basking in the experience, the deafening silence provided the perfect soundtrack.

Sadly, it was time to make our way home. New Mexico had welcomed us with open arms and shown some the treasures it had to offer. If you picture a sprawling desert with little change of scenery, then I invite you to check out New Mexico for yourself. It was possibly the most varied landscape I’ve ventured through.

I hope you’ve been on an adventure recently. If not, what’s holding you back? Go! Have the adventure of a lifetime! Come back with stories you’ll long to tell. If I may offer a recommendation, do so in New Mexico!

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