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Quick Fixes

Quick fixes are projects we determine will take 30 minutes or less. Each quick fix is for only one small project. For example: creating an email account, fixing errors, and providing a security scan are 3 separate quick fixes. If you need multiple fixes done on your site, please contact us for a custom quote.

Quick fixes are always paid in advance. Payment is collected via PayPal or credit card. Please ensure the information you provide when purchasing a quick fix is the correct and the easiest to get in touch with you so we can resolve your project as fast as possible.

See below for examples of quick fixes. If you have questions about whether something is a quick fix or not, you can always shoot us a quick email.

If for any reason we deem the project as not being a quick fix or are unable to resolve your issue, Mount McKinney will refund your money immediately. If it is a situation where we deem the fix will take longer than 30 minutes we will reach out with a quote for you.

Quick Fix


Examples of Possible Quick Fixes
  • Updating WordPress Plugins/Theme
  • CSS Changes (Colors, Fonts, Spacing)
  • Uploading New Content
  • Creating Email Accounts
  • Backing Up a Database
  • Fixing Errors
  • Website Security Scan
  • Fixing a MailChimp Issue