Monthly WordPress Care Plan

no more WordPress headaches

$125/mo. ONLY $100/mo.

Monthly WordPress Care Plan

Imagine, no more WordPress headaches!

$125/mo. ONLY $100/mo.

Monthly WordPress Care Plan

ONLY $100/mo.


Let us do it for you

We’ll worry about keeping your site humming. Freeing you up to focus on your own business…or your golf game. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

WordPress Care Plan



Save time

With a maintenance plan, you’ll never have to spend your valuable time:

  • Pulling your hair out
  • With your head in your hands because you forgot to backup your site before updating
  • Wondering if your dev guy will contact you

peace of mind

With a maintenance plan, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing:

  • You’ll never need to know how to make website updates
  • Your site won’t crash when we update it
  • We don’t just “go dark” and not respond to you

no more WordPress headaches

ONLY $100/mo.


Monthly WordPress Care Plan

Why spend time worrying about updating your plugins and themes when you could have an expert take care of it for you?

unobtrusive Updates

We perform updates late at night. During low traffic times as to not disturb your site visitors.


Prior to us doing any updates, we will backup your current site. This will ensure if something does go wrong, we can fix it immediately.

no more headaches

Never worry about those pesky site updates again. Let us maintain your site for you.


We will notify you well in advance of when we’ll be doing the updates so you don’t lose your work if something happens that we need to fix during the updates.


An up to date website is far more secure than one that’s out of date. Our plans ensure your site is always as secure as possible.

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